5 Out-of-the-Box Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Since 2016, the areas around Tarneit have been reportedly awarded for making recycling a red hot win. In the light of World Earth Day 2017, you may want to reconsider dumping those packing boxes that have been lying in the garage or recently purchased items like packing boxes Tarneit agencies provided for your big move. The following article presents a few creative DIY hacks to recycle, reuse and refurbish your cardboard boxes instead of letting them gather rot and mold in your garage.

For homes with cats

Cat owners are one of the most loyal and sensitive pet owners in the domestic spectrum. They constantly love upgrading their furry friend’s play area, toys and appreciate their high maintenance attitude. With your leftover cardboard boxes or packing boxes Tarneit movers provided, you can muster up one of the most amazing and surprisingly durable cat posts, which will leave you converted from regular carpeted cat posts. Using razors and heavy duty glue, you can stack cardboards to the shape of your choice and your feline friend will thank you for it by staying away from other storage areas for personal belongings, curtains and your electronics.

Make a lightbox

A must for small business owners such as DIY online jewelry sellers, potters and other crafts, a lightbox is a must for the best pictures for your website or social media. Tape up those flattened cardboard boxes to create your very own lightbox instead of spending hundreds of dollars on photography equipment. The other materials you will need to whip up a lightbox is tape, white poster board, one of your packing boxes Tarneit firms provided, and a few sheets of craft tissue paper. It might set you back less than a few bucks and save you plenty in the long run.

Canvas bins

If you have never seen the point of buying a magazine rack, you should give yourself a solid pat on the shoulder. Make your racks or bins for the bathroom, kid’s room, diaper boxes for the baby’s room near your night table stand for current books, for the kitchen or office by reusing file boxes from professionals like Keilor east storages companies to a suitable size to use for storage. You can make them aesthetically appealing by covering them with beautiful fabrics or printed canvas readily available in craft or fabric shops. Check Public Self Storage for more details.

Doll houses

A childhood favorite of any kid growing up in the 80s or 90s brings back the imaginative DIY doll house or action figure for your kids while getting them involved in the project like painting it, once you have completed putting it together.


You can take your flattened packaging boxes to your local print or craft shop where trained personnel can help you cut them into required sizes to make wonderful book covers as well as bind them in any way you wish to make journals for yourself, family and friends.

These were just a few suggestions to keep yourself busy this summer while cleaning out your home. Keep in mind that as world resources are becoming increasingly scarce, recycling always helps. In case you are moving and require more boxes, you can walk into your local storage facilities.

For more information on moving packages Keilor firms provide, visit sites like https://www.publicselfstorage.com.au .

Digitally Printed Materials that Even Ecommerce Depends On

With technology continually developing, it’s a debate for marketers whether they’ll do online marketing or have printed marketing materials instead. Though answering is very easy, doubting which of the two illustrates the power of printed marketing materials. It’s depressing that many consider advertising using printed materials dead, because this form of advertising is also evolving with technology. Now, marketers can do small, but right on target print runs and thus, be cost efficient. Printing - https://www.posterboyprinting.com.au helps you with these targeted on-demand print runs. Be a part of the success brought about by the printed marketing industry that’s bound to grow to $300 bn by 2024.

Printed Marketing Materials’ Power

Why are printed marketing materials here to stay? Let’s count some of the ways.

* The business card. The moment you hand over your business card, you’re already making a social connection. What’s more surprising is you’ll even find brand’s or company’s social media addresses there. This is the best example of advanced online marketing relying on traditional printed marketing materials.

* Canvas prints.  They last years longer than other printed marketing materials. You have years of marketing guaranteed with just one investment. Though bigger than most marketing materials, canvas prints have a subtle touch in their approach. This form of marketing is effective for businesses offering travel or some form of service. Besides, when everything gets advertised in your face, canvas prints have a welcome, effective result.

* Posters. Another effective way of using printed materials in marketing, for high business visibility. You get flexible designs, different shapes and sizes, and assurance of easy distribution. Posters are more permanent and catch more attention than smaller forms of printed marketing materials. When compared to print ads in magazines or newspapers, posters are more cost-effective. Printing – https://www.posterboyprinting.com.au creates quality posters for your long-term marketing strategy. Check Posterboy Printing for more details.

* Strut cards. Talk about being small with a big impact. Strut cards are simple but elegant. Perfect to get placed anywhere, they’re not that expensive.

Printed Marketing Materials Boost Ecommerce

* You saw the product online. You ordered it and guess what? Along with the delivery came a catalog. Catalogs and brochures are still around. Companies rely on them. Catalogs and brochures drive sales because they’re convenient in spreading product information and they’re always around. It’s literally a product reminder at your customer’s hands.

* Printed marketing materials connect well with any brand’s voice. They are very present, and this consistency in their presence prompts people to check the product’s social media.

* You get to engage different age markets. Older consumers prefer print while young consumers prefer online. However, neither markets stay in one format.

* Because printed marketing materials had been around longer than digital content, consumers tend to view companies with printed materials as more credible.

* The most obvious reason how printed marketing materials boost ecommerce is the greater part of the market who can really spend are busy with either work or family. They have limited time online. The best way to reach them is still through printed marketing materials.

Make sure your marketing strategies include printed materials. In this digital age, you cannot downplay the strong branding that these printed materials give. Check out https://www.posterboyprinting.com.au for other digitally printed materials they can help you with for effective, cost-efficient marketing

Knowing Seed Funding: How to Not Get Overwhelmed by the Seed Round

The seed round is the early stage of building your new business. You’re gathering capital, prioritizing how your company is perceived by potential investors, and charming the right type of investors. The process is indeed tedious, but it’s worth it the minute you can say thanks to your investors, like how SaaS Ventures said: “thank you Brian Gaister.”

With the past years’ slowdown in Silicon Valley’s seed funding, managers must be wise in their investment moves. To avoid being overwhelmed by the whirlwind process, read on:

Know Seed Funding

Seed Funding—the term “seed” suggests that this is a very early investment, meant to support the business until it can generate cash of its own or until it is ready for further investments. Seed funding is a form of financing in which the owner of a business receives money in exchange for a part of the equity of his/her company. Seed funding is a very risky investment, hence traditional financial institutions such as banks and credit companies are typically not eager to provide it.

Why it’s risky

Seed capital is different from venture capital. The latter tends to come from institutional investors, involves significantly more money, is an arm’s length transaction, and involves much greater complexity in the contracts and corporate structure accompanying the investment.

Seed funding involves a higher risk than normal venture capital funding since the investor does not foresee any existing projects valuable enough for funding. This birthed other options for companies such as crowd-funding and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Because banks and venture capital investors view seed capital as a high-risk investment, they may wait until a company is more established before making larger investments in venture capital funding. The higher the risk, the greater the required return is. This is why angel investors, for example, usually look for startups with a huge potential for growth and profit, which can generate two, even three digits yields. Visit at Brian Gaister

Getting an investor in the “cap table”.

The cap table is the stage where you’re marketing your company to the best seed investors out there and finding an above average amount of funds.

Business owners must realize, however, that they need more than capital. Founders must also entrust their company to investors who can bring value and introduce them to a network. Also, they don’t need to be overtly controlling of the company, implementing unnecessary vetoes or imposing their views on the founders.

For example, one particular startup named SaaS Ventures can say “thank you Brian Gaister” to financial advisor and investor Brian Gaister. The company says a big thank you to Brian Gaister for helping them acquire about $7.2 million in fundraising, which is still open for investors by the way.

SaaS Ventures received their Brian Gaister donation this year and he also submitted their Form D. In a way, they can also say “thank you Brian Gaister” because of Mr. Gaister’s submission of Form D. Form D is a private document that enlists information that can be used to stay on par with competitors.

Now, that is an example of an investor not only bringing capital but also valuable strategies for a newbie. If you want to say “Brian Gaister thank you” too, you can contact him on his website, briangaister.com.

Founders don’t really fail—companies do. However, it’s important for founders to study and plan about seed funding in depth to foresee collective challenges and pitfalls. Take a look http://pubs.royle.com/publication/index.php?i=99106&m=&l=&p=52&pre=&ver=html5

Wealth and Investment Management Managers: Their Functions and Strategies

Despite popular stereotypes, rich investors also have their share of problems. How their huge property can be taken care of, what they should do so that their property will increase and how their property can be protected are some causes of their great headaches. Fortunately, there are professionals in finance management like Brian Gaister that have been learned and certified on what to do, so that these individuals of great wealth can go to sleep in peace. Finance and investment professionals like Brian Gaister are tied to private banks or highly reputed finance institutes or organizations. Clients looking for wealth and investment management services normally contact them and meet them to help secure an idea about their entire property and investments.

Brian Gaister

The functions of investment managers

It is possible that a person’s wealth is scattered in different parts, that is, as real estates, business, stock, investments, gold bonds, etc. The finance and investment manager like Brian Gaister designs the most probable scientific planning for his client keeping all about his assets in mind. He discusses with the client about the investment restructure and about going for re-investments. If the client is convinced and agrees with his proposals, the finance and investment manager begins his operation. He does his best to make the operations with all the variables.

Yes, every part of the central scheme, namely, tax relief, insurances, superannuation programs, provisions for successors etc., should be duly discussed with the client, so that no question of misunderstanding regarding his wealth and investment management does surface anytime. On the other hand, it is the task of the client to cooperate with the investment manager and do the needful to satisfy him with due remuneration. Click here Brian Gaister

The client’s financial assistance needs

High net worth individuals or HNWI are not ordinary people who have very limited property. HNWI are extraordinarily rich persons who possess huge wealth. It is said that they are, to the minimum, millionaires. Services of the retailing banks are not sufficient for them. They require personalized services from the bankers and personal finance and investment managers. To address their problems and to provide them genuine and value-based services, private financial advice firms like Pennington Partners & Co have developed.

The relationship between clients and services providers in investment and wealth management

Nobody can deny that relationship between clients and financial advice firms like Pennington Partners LLC should be cordial and warm for smooth and effective functions. High net worth individuals are clients of these financial advice firms and the bankers provide private banking and wealth management services through their finance professionals. It should be understood why the relationship between them should be based on mutual trust and respect.

6 Common Investment Strategies of Investment Managers

When choosing an investment manager like Brian Gaister to trust, looking closely at their previous clients and checking their investment management style is crucial to foresee how they will perform their services for you once you hire them.

Listed below are some common investment strategies among wealth and investment managers:

– Top-down investing

– Bottom-up investing

– Contrarian investing

– Dividend investing

– Fundamental analysis

– Technical analysis

Valuable Financial Advice: Boost Your Business with the Right Type of Financing

Throughout the much earlier phases, it might appear as valid to work in the business industry by yourself. Even so, if you dream of your empire to expand, you must hire other individuals involved. And not only any folks, but the right individuals. A couple of the top causes are not getting sufficient of the right variety of funds, the unavailability of a market, not being with the best team, and not having the ability to stay on par with the competitors. For new companies that do survive throughout the financing stages, triumph, however, isn’t 100% promised. You ought to seek the expert financial advice of any financial counselor like Brian Gaister (refer to his bio at https://www.imca.org/Bios/Brian-0) to guide your decisions on financing. But apart from expert help, you need to learn to stand on your own feet and lead your business to the right path to success, but how exactly do you do it?

This article presents key advice and insights on how to get the right financial aid for your startup business:

Hire Financial Mentors

To begin with, you need to recognize what duties and functions you need assistance with. Look for mentors with the same company beliefs and work ethics as you to better help bring your organization to envisioned progress. The best employment decisions lead to development and prosperity, but the false one could deflect it all. One of these financial gurus you can trust is Mr. Brian Gaister.

Becoming a CFP

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) title is a professional certification mark for financial advisers deliberated upon by authoritative bodies like the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards or CFP Board for the United States. There are also 25 more other organizations connected with the FPSB or Financial Planning Standards Board – the renowned proprietor of the CFP mark internationally. Becoming a CFP means meeting the specific education, examination, experience, payment of certification fees, and work ethic standard requirements as mandated by the board of authorization. With these authorization bodies existing, you can be guaranteed that a CFP entitled financial adviser really stands by his/her word. Visit at Brian Gaister

Financial Counsel – Brian Gaister

By having the partnerships and links, Brian Gaister (read more about him here: https://www.imca.org/Bios/Brian-0) has attained for many years as a financial investment administrator and mentor for international companies and well-off families. Mr. Gaister can assist you to gain profitable private investment bargains. He has operated in the investment industry for years and has obtained a substantial comprehension of the things clients are seeking when choosing which markets and organizations to assist and provide for. Armed with a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor (CPWA) position, Brian Gaister’s skill consists of operating as a Tax Consultant for Morgan and Stanley and as a Budget Management Head for Merril Lynch. He is the co-originator and executive of Pennington Partners & Co, a cumulative department that offers effective help to rich individuals who run exclusive operations and individualized investments. He is likewise presently engaged in SaaS Ventures, being a fellow originator and associate.

Your Financing Options – Business Loans

It is very important to understand how this sort of economic help will work just before you consider one to ensure you are not caught unaware. Banking institutions and monetary institutions might be very convincing while you are applying to get a business loan or any other form of financing. Before applying, you should talk to your hired financial counselor like Brian Gaister (know more about him at https://www.imca.org/Bios/Brian-0) about the different requirements and benefits you can seek to gain. Right after heeding the financial mentor’s advice and the bank’s successful approval, it is possible to go ahead and sign the papers.

There is Money in Real Estate: Reasons to Invest in Houses for Sale

When it comes to the topic of prime real estate in Australia, Queensland is never left out in the conversation. This is one of the country’s tourist hot spots because of its beautiful beaches and wide array of natural gems. But over the years, the real estate market is on the rise as many interested home buyers are looking to invest in houses for sale in Noosa. Noosa is one of the suburbs in Queensland and is also frequented by tourists due to the wide range of tourist attractions in the area. But if you would like to live in a peaceful community that makes you feel like you are on a vacation 24/7, there is no better time than now to look for Sunshine Coast houses for sale.

houses for sale in noosa

Below are the top five reasons why houses for sale in Noosa are worth investing in:

You Can Retire in Noosa

When you are thinking about making a real estate investment, you would often think about using that money you earn to invest in a property that you can retire in. But why not make that investment on your dream property now? Noosa is popular with retirees because it is a beautiful location with plenty of gorgeous beaches and natural sights. Even though it is flocked by tourists all year round, it has retained its peaceful and quiet charm to it. This makes it an ideal place to retire for those who are looking to invest in a property in Sunshine Coast.

Attractive Rental Market

Even though you might not think about buying a retiree home in Noosa as of the moment, you can still exploit the rental market in the area. As mentioned earlier, thousands of tourists visit Noosa per year. You can use this opportunity to buy a house in the area with the help of real estate agents Sunshine Coast has today. You can then use that property as a rental home for tourists. Most tourists prefer to stay in self-hosted accommodations and rental homes over hotels since the former is much cheaper, particularly for tourists who intend to stay for a few weeks. See more here RW Noosa

Prices Are Going Up

Due to the demand in the properties in Noosa, the prices of homes and other real estate properties in the area are expected to continue to rise. Hence, you can exploit the opportunity to make that investment now before the prices get too steep.

Proximity to Major Cities

Noosa might be secluded and considered a tropical haven for tourists. However, it is still fairly accessible from the major cities in Queensland, including Brisbane. In fact, all cities in Queensland are within an hour (or less) drive away from each other.

Good Neighborhood

Noosa is one of the prime real estate hot spots in Queensland not just because of its beautiful location and natural features. Noosa is also considered to be safe and relatively crime-free. Hence, investing in your own home in Noosa will give you peace of mind knowing that you live in a quiet and safe neighborhood.

Are you looking for houses for sale in Noosa? Make sure you get in touch with the best Sunshine Coast real estate agents to get the best deals on the hottest properties. You can also visit this website to find property listings in Noosa: https://rwnoosa.com.au/buy/residental-sales

Common Struggles Startup Businesses Face

Today’s modern workforce are results-oriented. Finishing tasks in a timely and efficient manner has become a priority. If you have a startup business, looking for alternative resources will greatly improve your company’s ROI. Having a mentor who is a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) as well as a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) like Brian Gaister for instance, will help you find the resources you need for your business to keep going. Brian Gaister When you have a startup business, gaining resources is just one of the greatest difficulties that you and similar establishments deal with. You have to remember though that you are not the only one going through that struggle. Knowing the common struggles that startup businesses face on a daily basis will help you deal with whatever crisis your new enterprise may run into.
  • Hiring Qualified Personnel
Having key players in your startup company will define its organisational structure. You should surround yourself with people who have similar capabilities and focus. Choosing a suitable candidate out of a huge pool of aspiring individuals can be a tricky job. Make sure to hire people with extensive experiences, like Brian Gaister who once worked as a Tax Consultant for Morgan and Stanley and as a Budget Management Head for Merril Lynch to ensure business success.
  • Tough Competition
There is always a competition in the corporate world. This can be one of the biggest challenges that startup businesses have to face. The competition is even more intense online. If your startup company cannot stand against major challenges, you will be among the many businesses who turned tails and become non-existent.
  • Trustworthy Partners in Decision Making
In this digital age, businesses need to fight harder for survival. Finding a trustworthy partner can be difficult, however, once you look for organisations that have a good reputation in the industry, the risk will pay off. You can learn from various resources online like http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/05/prweb14375603.htm or attend workshops on how investment management consultants help your startup business especially when you are into partnerships.
  • Financial Management.
Make sure that when you rely heavily on financial investors, you also have the capability to properly manage your finances. Learning financial management is more than just the books. Talking to people who have been in the industry for a long time, with tangible experiences to boot, like Brian Gaister who is also presently active in SaaS Ventures as a fellow organizer and collaborator, will definitely help you in your financial management dilemma. Checking resources like http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/05/prweb14375603.htm will help you know more about the latest on the market segment opportunities as well as how technology plays a role in practice development.
  • Unrealistic Expectations:
Although you may have great faith in your product and idea, it still remains unproven. It is possible that sales aren’t meeting expected projections especially when you are still starting. Setting up unrealistic expectations will only frustrate you and your team. This is often the cause of misunderstanding within your circle. Overestimating the size of your potential market is also a problem. There is no one product fits all approach so make sure you set smart expectations for your target market to avoid any meltdowns. On the other hand, when speaking of private investment, you will come across phrases like Alternative assets, Special Situations Fund, Total Return fund, Pre-IPO funds, and private placements. All of these are varieties of investments that users or groups can create in securities that are not widely traded. Recognized private entrepreneurs generally have substantial private wealth and are deemed advanced enough to be exempted from federal securities policies and statutes. Additionally, because of regulation modifications and technical developments, private investment has become more attainable, affordable and structured. Because of this, private investment offers are more numerous and obtainable. You can visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/05/prweb14375603.htm for more details.

Reasons to Visit the 12 Apostles At Least Once in Your Life

The 12 Apostles is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Australia. It is a group of limestone stacks that are part of the Port Campbell National Park. It is one of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road trip. In fact, there are plenty of companies that offer 12 Apostles small group tours that allow tourists to see the famed attraction up close and also visit a few other notable destinations along the Great Ocean Road. Image result for 12 apostles small group tours The hype around the 12 Apostles at the Great Ocean Road is more than just hype. It is for a reason and these reasons are listed below: • It is a unique natural formation. The 12 Apostles is a misnomer; for once, there were actually 12 limestone stacks that make up this area. However, most of them are now gone due to erosion. There are only about 8 of them left and only 5 are visible from the main viewing point. The rest are scattered throughout the other parts of the coast. These limestone cliffs were shaped for 10-20 million years. It is, therefore, a great opportunity for tourists to experience a natural marvel so close. This is why small group tours 12 Apostles have to offer are highly coveted these days. • The 12 Apostles are not the only attraction there is. The Great Ocean Road is a long road that offers many possible destinations and sights to see. When you choose to partake in 12 Apostles small group tours, you will be able to see other natural wonders such as the Loch Ard Gorge, the Grotto, Bay of Islands, and the London Bridge. The Port Campbell National Park (to which the 12 Apostles is a part of) has plenty more to offer. • Take the Great Ocean Walk. You can take the Great Ocean Walk if you want to get closer to the 12 Apostles. Instead of viewing it from the lookout point, you can marvel at its natural magnificence by getting closer. The Great Ocean Walk is therefore recommended if you want to enjoy this experience. • You can check out the shipwrecks. Another highlight when you go on small group tours in 12 Apostles is the opportunity to check out the shipwrecks in the area. The Bass Strait was once a major shipping and trading route in Victoria. However, the part in between the King Island and Cape Otway is highly treacherous and many ships didn’t make it. In fact, there is a specific trail for this, especially suited for the shipwreck enthusiasts. You can explore the Historic Shipwreck Trail that leads to the cliff overlooking the wreck. It is a great trail to explore the history of the land. Would you like to go on 12 Apostles small group tours? If yes, you need to visit this website: http://thelittlepenguinbus.com.au. They offer cheap small group tours 12 Apostles has for those interested to see the best sights along the Great Ocean Road. By touring in a small group, you will find the tour more intimate and feel like you have your own private experience.