CULTI Milano

a shared culture of ambience

CULTI MILANO, the prestigious Italian brand in the field of home fragrances, personal care products and creator of the famous rattan sticks, was founded in 1988 by Alessandro Agrati, an eclectic interior designer who first sensed the strong impact of a fragrance on the characterization of an environment. He stated that spaces and objects might have their own scent too and that it was possible to surround oneself with olfactory quality, in addition to beautiful things in pleasant rooms. CULTI MILANO proposal is characterized by many values such as originality, a very high quality of its ingredients, environmental responsibility, uniqueness of its objects that interweave the world of design with the sensory sphere and, last but not least, love for nature and for Italy.


All these concepts have been embraced and shared by Gruppo UNA that has entrusted the prestigious company with the creation of personalized guest amenities for its UNA Esperienze and UNAHOTELS hotels and resorts. Two selections, two fragrances, two proposals: the Italian spirit expressed in simple but refined scents that create a sensorial and emotional connection with the guest, inebriating his sense of smell with refinement and making his stay even more unique and unrepeatable.