Dr. Schär

Gruppo UNA and Dr. Schär - together for a gluten-free breakfast

Dr. Schär, an Italian company leading the European gluten-free sector for more than 35 years, continues the partnership with Gruppo UNA, renewing their presence this year as well in all Gruppo UNA structures with a wide range of gluten-free products. Gruppo UNA guests can have, on request, a special breakfast box with a selection of both sweet and salty Dr. Schär products.

A partnership between two excellent Italian companies aiming to offer to lactose-intolerant people the chance of enjoying their stay without limitations, responding to a need particularly felt by those traveling for pleasure or for work but also to focus attention on a pathology in steady increase in Italy, with cases growing by 9% every year according to the latest report of the Ministry of Health.

The aim of this partnership will also be the creation of interesting initiatives in synergy with Dr. Schär to demonstrate the attention of Gruppo UNA towards the well-being of the guests while maintaining that promise of perfect hospitality that passes through a service modeled on the guest and a series of small attention that can make your stay an experience to remember.