Reggio Emilia

Pallacanestro Reggiana

UNAHOTELS is Main Sponsor

UNAHOTELS, a Gruppo UNA brand, is the Main Sponsor of Pallacanestro Reggiana, a basketball team that plays with the official name of "UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia" in the Italian first league Serie A and in the FIBA Basketball Champions League.


UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia

A deep bond with the territory

Authentic Italian character and, therefore, a deep bond with the territory are elements inherent in the identity of each UNAHOTELS facility. To the point that hotels and resorts do not take the form of simple passive receptors of the context in which they are located, but they themselves become active vectors of the territorial fabric and its excellent peculiarities.
Therefore, in the context of the vocation of the UNAHOTELS brand to become an expression and synonym of Italian spirit, concrete support towards the realities that contribute to defining the wealth of the local heritage cannot be missing. Considering the relevance of the Emilia region - where UNAHOTELS is present with five hotels - and the historical affinity with the world of national basketball, the collaboration as Title Sponsor with Pallacanestro Reggiana, whose colors play in the Serie A since 1982, become a natural evolution for Gruppo UNA.



Shared determination and ambition

UNAHOTELS' vocation for Italian basketball is sanctioned not only by the historical and significant presence of its hotels in key cities of this sport - such as Milan, Varese, Venice, Bologna and Rome - which has made the Gruppo UNA brand a reference for national basketball in terms of hospitality. But also by sharing common values, such as ambition and determination, which have always been part of that sporting ethics also embraced by Pallacanestro Reggiana.
Competitiveness and fairplay on the field are the fitting metaphor of the commitment that drives UNAHOTELS to be the first and most authentic expression of Italian hospitality, both in the welcome offered to sports professionals and in the welcome to enthusiasts and entire families throughout the national territory.