Evolving by creating
value that stands the test of time

Social responsibility

Evolving by creating value that stands the test of time: this is the process we adopt as a Group through our work with aid, cultural and sporting associations, aiming for inclusive and sustainable long-term growth.

Room for artists

PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery in hotels

Gruppo UNA renews its commitment to the world of contemporary art and extends its five-year collaboration with PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery, reinterpreting the concept of "art exhibition" together.

Ethics in the kitchen

With Tempi di Recupero Week

Tempi di Recupero Week is the international week dedicated to promoting sustainability and ethics in the kitchen, bringing together creatives, chefs, hosts, ice-cream makers, artisans, winemakers and individuals from all over the world in the interest of avoiding waste in the kitchen.  Each participant is given free rein to create their own menu and show how they've saved food served at the table via special dishes. The menu can be interpreted in three different ways: with leftovers from the previous day, with offal of meat and fish and offcuts of vegetables, or with traditional and comfort food.

Every year a selection of Gruppo UNA hotels and restaurants take part.


Raising the curtain on contemporary art

As a devoted guardian and custodian of a very rich heritage - one of genuine Italian style - Gruppo UNA supports the worthiest initiatives and promotions relating to the world of art. Hence the collaboration with Artissima, the prestigious fair of contemporary art in Turin which since it was established in 1994 has made a name for itself thanks also to a focus on experimentation and research.

And the prestigious Salone delle Feste in Hotel Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze played host to …ma l’amor mio non muore in 2019, a site-specific project by Marcello Maloberti, and the 6 Chairs works by Augustas Serapina in 2021.

Gruppo UNA joins Too Good To Go

To fight against food waste

Gruppo UNA joins the anti-food waste movement alongside Too Good To Go, the app created with the mission of saving unsold food and inspiring people, companies, schools and governments to take part in the fight against food waste. A selection of restaurants by "UNA cucina" have joined the platform with the aim of offering a concrete contribution to the rescue of daily unsold, but still delicious food. Every day a Magic Box with the daily surplus of meals will be available on the Too Good To Go app which customers have the opportunity to buy at a great discount: a simple and immediate solution to try  "UNA cucina” proposald and, at the same time, to help the planet.

Always inclusive

Nurturing uniqueness

The theme of inclusion is fundamental for the wellbeing of people and the success of businesses. Inclusion is a process that calls for enthusiasm and skills: it's a challenging job, but one that is fundamental for success both on the market and in society. There are various ongoing projects on the theme of inclusion, like the one with which Gruppo UNA welcomes the LGBTQ+ community, in accordance with the company's Code of Ethics.


We are proud to have been selected as finalists for the prestigious Qprize 2023 award by #QuiikyMagazine, a renowned publication published by Sonders&Beach World.
This award is for companies and entities active in the tourism sector that have distinguished themselves for their commitment to sustainability and social inclusion, with a special focus on the LGBTQ+ community.
Over the years, the UNA Group has pursued a process designed for the wellbeing of people through initiatives that enhance the uniqueness of each individual, including those in support of the LGBTQ+ community, always respecting the values of the company's Code of Ethics. In fact, the Group's Charter of Values is based on five indispensable principles: accessibility, vision, respect, solidarity and responsibility.


UNAHOTELS is a Hospitality Partner

Gruppo UNA works with many Italian sports teams, with whom it has values in common, like tenacity, self-sacrifice, dedication and passion. Via the UNAHOTELS brand, it is the main sponsor of Pallacanestro Reggiana, including the youth sector, as well as hospitality partner of FIFA 22's eSerie A TIM, the first Lega Serie A eSports championship, Coppa Milano-Sanremo and Milano San Siro Jumping Cup.

Smoke free

All Gruppo UNA rooms are smoke-free

Gruppo UNA joins forces with the World Health Organization (WHO) to make the population at large aware of the damaging effects of tobacco use and of exposure to second-hand smoke.

Corporate Governance

A path to improvement

For some time now Gruppo UNA has been committed to a path of environmental sustainability and social responsibility which takes the form of strategic and operational choices attentive to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. A path that is in full compliance with the Code of Ethics it shares with Gruppo Unipol.